Design Brief:

caferacer_lg.jpg (28245 bytes)To create a new style of American custom motorcycle. Likewise, to create and explore a new market niche. The bike must incorporate elements of the current trends in custom bikes yet remain an original and distinctive design. Various aspects of today's popular hot-rod culture should be incorporated into the prototype. Metalflake and flat black paint should be considered as deliberate choices in the finish of components. The engine should be big, powerful and American.

The bike should not try to compete against existing products or copy their designs, avoiding being categorized by staying original. Its appearance, performance and handling will not be compared to any other motorcycle, yet the bike must excel in all areas.

The Supermanx:

Basically the Supermanx takes the best design features from classic café racers of the 60's and 70's like the Triton, Laverda and Norvin and combines them in a classic twin loop featherbed style duplex frame based on the original Manx Norton.

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Mike's choice of engine for the Supermanx is a massive Harley Davidson EVO style aftermarket powerhouse. This impressive 120 HP engine helps the bike cross over into the American V-Twin custom bike arena, gaining instant acceptance into the largest club in the motorcycling world. Even though the engine dominates the bikes appearance you will notice the development of several special ”Left Coast Limey” features… The unique adjustable handlebars not seen on any other current motorcycle , the speedo and tach built as a single unit into the headlamp, and the dual Monza pop-up gas caps on the tank, one of which is a hidden compartment.

All these features and many more on the bike are Mike's creations. When you order your own bike you will have many options. Supply your favorite old motorcycle jacket and it will be made into the seat!  Mike's favorite leather jacket, a part of his life for 20 years was sacrificed for the Supermanx.


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Production Bike specifications:

Frame Twin duplex cradle, 1.25 d.o.m. steel TIG welded
Front Suspension WP inverted fork. Adj. comp/rebound. Polished black anodized finish
Rear Suspension Monoshock swingarm, 2.5” tapered roller bearings, chromoly pivot tube. 
Works Performance shock, Adj. comp/rebound
Wheels Front- 19 x 3 alloy rim. Stainless spokes. 120/70/ZR19 AVON
Rear- 18 x 5.5 alloy rim. Stainless spokes. 200/55/ZR18 AVON
Engine H-D twin cam 88B series engine used as the base, with vibration reducing counterbalancer.
Displacements available up to 124 cuin. Massive torque and horsepower. (140/140)
Transmission RSD 5spd. ACR custom case. ACR custom mainshaft
Exhaust 1.75”/ 1.875” stepped equal length system. Twin ACR Gattling Gun mufflers
Bodywork Fuel Tank- Hand formed aluminum. Capacity 6.5 gallons
Oil Tank Hand formed aluminum. Capacity 4 qts
Fender Front- hand formed steel
Weight 495lbs

Multiple upgrade options available